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Ananda is a name given to one of the principal disciples and a devout attendant of the Lord Buddha. He was known as the Guardian of the Dharma for his most retentive memory power. Ananda was the first cousin of the Buddha by their fathers, and was devoted to him.

The word 'Ananda' in Sanskrit means 'all-joyfull'. With unquantifiable wisdom for the tranquil and auspecious journey of our visitors, His Holiness, the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa has ............

Different Tours in Bhutan

Explore the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan through Ananda Bhutan Tours and Treks. Bhutan, where the modernity has arrived just late, has maintained its culture and environment intact against many intruders.

Our agent offers you any kind of tours that Tourism Council of Bhutan can offer. Our experienced guides would take you across many amazing and famous sites that offer you the most delightful glimpses.


Amongst many types of tour in Bhutan, we prioritize in offering the following tours. However, we are also well equipped in providing other tours as well based on visitors’ choices.
    1. Cultural Tour
    2. Festival Tour
    3. Biking/Cycling Tour
    4. Trekking
    5. Rafting
    6. Bird Watching

Advent of Buddhism in Bhutan

The advent of Buddhism in Bhutan dates back to 8th century, when Guru Padmasambhava, who is regarded as the second Buddha first visited in 746 A.D. Guru Rinpoche (Precious Teacher) is a great historical and religious figure in Bhutan who transformed country into Buddhist land by subduing all local demons and evil spirits. He visited Bhutan for three times and firmly established Mahayana form of Buddhism deeply imbued with the tantric practices. Many religious objects and texts were hidden in the mountains, rocks and lakes of Bhutan with the prophecy to be revealed by the fortunate Tertoens (treasure.......

People and Culture

Bhutan is a small kingdom that lies in the heart of vast eastern Himalayas. It is a land that remained untouched by the modernization and technological advancements over many centuries. It is thus, a land where the culture and traditions are preserved well and environments remained tightly intact. The country is adorned with dzongs and monasteries featuring unique architectural designs; monks, majestic mountains, and a rich heritage like no other on Earth. The country is inhabited by mosaic of different people differing in their ethnicity who live in a small and scattered villages isolated from one another by formidable mountain passes.............

Exciting Places to Visit

PARO: This stunning valley is the first glance into discovering the splendor of Bhutan, with its rich terraced farmland and some of Bhutan's oldest Temples and Monasteries. To the north of the valley, mount. Jhomolhari (7300 meters) reigns in white glory and the glacier water from its peak plunge through deep gorges finally forming pa - chu (Paro river)............

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Date:  26-Jul-2013.    
Dear Sir Pema Lodey,

This is to say thank you for the wonderful services rendered to us while visiting beautiful country Bhutan.

In fact, the services were wonderful. Good hotels and beautiful s...........
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Dear Pema,

My visit to Bhutan was really memorable. I was in fact always dreaming to visit wonderful country Bhutan once in my life time and it was through your good agent that I achieved my dream............
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